Smart pharmacy


·Safe and reliable

Multiple safety protection design, high reliability of drug taking.

·Remote diagnosis and treatment system

Optional remote diagnosis and treatment system, so that remote diagnosis and treatment of drugs can be easily realized.

·Automatic temperature measurement alarm module

Automatic temperature measurement and alarm before buying

·Full access to third-party prescription platform data

Online and offline diversion, a comprehensive upgrade of the medical circulation experience!

·Based on smart drug index

Quick and easy smart drug purchase guidelines, quickly find the drugs you need!

·Variable container structure

A variety of container body structures, adapt to every application scenario in the community, and can customize intelligent automated pharmacies according to customer needs

Vending machines


·Large Storage Capability

Large storage capability, cargo lanes can be flexibly adjusted.

·Smart Touch Screen

Easy purchase, payment, advertising.

·Real-time Monitoring and Warning

Real-time monitoring of inventory, automatic analysis and reminder of replenishment, fault self-detection


In addition to cash payment, it supports mobile payment, card payment, etc.


JMI has a professional design, mechanical manufacturing and software development team that can customize vending machines for a variety of complex application scenarios.

·JMI Vending System

Simple operation, quick response, Remote Online operation (goods/orders/users/payments/advertising/history) management.

Robot Cafe

Pastry Shop


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